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Live Well On Less: A Bibliography

Below are books which have contributed to my understanding and practice of cheerful frugality. I have linked to Amazon for ease, but you will check your library catalog before ordering...right?

This list is by no means complete. I read many of these titles simply because they were in my local library's collection. I am placing a star by my top favorites. You can also find additional book reviews by clicking on the "library bag" category on the sidebar.

Saving Money:
The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn*
Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom by Stephanie Nelson*
Shop, Save, and Share, How To Save Money Every Day,Half Price Livingby Ellie Kay*
Miserly Moms, Frugal Families, andMiserly Mealsby Jonni McCoy
Mega Cookingby Jill Bond*
How To Survive Without A Salaryby Charles Long*
The Complete Cheapskateby Mary Hunt
Yankee Magazine Living Well On A Shoestring
Frugal Luxuries and Frugal Luxuries By The Seasonsby Tracey McBride*
Living Well On One Income In A Two Income World by Cynthia Yates
Raising Kids On Just A Little Cash by Lisa Reid
Downsized But Not Defeated by Quinn and Miller-Lachman
Saving Money Any Way You Can by Mike Yorkey
Living Cheaply With Style by Ernest Callenbach

Money Management Philosophy:
The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey*
The Millionaire Next Door and other books by Thomas Stanley*
The Overspent American and other research by Juliet Schor*
Consumer and real estate guides by Clark Howard
Debt-Free Living by Larry Burkett

Homemaking and Decorating:
Design books by Alexandra Stoddard*
Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer*
Scaling Down: Living Large In A Smaller Space by Judi Culbertson and Marj Decker
Use What You Have Decorating series by Lauri Ward*
Homemaking books by Emilie Barnes
Mrs. Greenthumbs gardening books by Cassandra Dantz
House Thinking by Winifred Gallagher
Budget Living's Home Cheap Home

Simplicity and Contentment:
The Circle of Simplicity: Return To The Good Lifeby Cecile Andrews
Home Sweeter Home: Creating A Haven Of Simplicity And Spirit by Jann Mitchell
The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs
A Simple Choice: Practical Guide For Saving Time, Money, and Sanity by Deborah Taylor-Hough*
Simple Abundance by Sara Ban Breathnach
Celebrate Simply by Nancy Twigg
Six Weeks To A Simpler Lifestyle by Barbara Degrote-Sorenson
Your Money Or Your Lifeby Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

Secondhand Shopping:
Alligators, Old Mink, and New Money by Allison Houtte
Secondhand Chic by Christa Weil
The Rummager's Handbook by R.S. McClurg

Free online texts:
I collect old homemaking books, so I wanted to include some vintage titles that everyone could read. I have not read all these completely yet.
The Next-To-Nothing House*
The Furnishing of a Modest Home
Adventures In Thrift
Thrift In The Household (*especially its definition of thrift)
The Honest House

Today's assignment: check your library for books that will encourage you to live well on less. This subject can be hard to find, as it overlaps several categories. Periodically, I search the online catalog using the following keywords:

thrift(y) * budget * saving * frugal * simple * less * recycling * reuse * consumer * green * secondhand * home * homemaking * home economics * stewardship * sustainability * poverty

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