Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ladies' Finishing School: Living Well On Less

I was so flattered when Elizabeth and Emma asked me to contribute a week's worth of lessons for their Online Finishing School.

Later, my cheeks burned with embarassment.

After all, I don't live an elegant life. I'm a mom wearing elastic waist pants and a thin layer of Cheerio dust. I never attended cotillion classes, pledged a sorority, or had a fitting for a designer wedding dress.

Yet, I've learned a lot about gracious living in the 8 years I've been married--and done so on one income. I've made a hobby of studying what Martha Stewart calls "good things" and Alexandra Stoddard terms "grace notes." I've tried to translate their love of beauty into my tiny budget, using creativity, secondhand resources, and God's amazing ability to provide.

You know what? It works. So join me at Like Merchant Ships this week, where we'll be discussing how to live well on less.

New to Like Merchant Ships? Here are all the lessons in our Live Well On Less week of study!

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