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Monday, July 23, 2007

Live Well On Less: Starting Small

Before we dive into budgeting and decorating, let's start small. You can live well on less by taking care of the details.

Today, let's discuss the little things that can make home life so comfortable without costing a dime:

Small moments are ideas that you can do with 5 minutes of extra time.
Small touches are details only you may notice, but contibute to a sense of beauty.
Small spending are projects that don't require a trip to Michaels for supplies.

Use small moments on the telephone to fold dish cloths into pretty layers. They are just as easy to grab as paper towels. My stash of yard sale hair bows keeps growing. A small moment hunting in a closet produced an old ribbon belt and a nail for hanging. Much better!

Can you make something more attractive by using something from your cupboards? If your husband unpacks his pockets each day, give him an odd salad bowl or wood box for the contents. He may not notice, but you will.

Here's another small touch of beauty. Fine hotels place paper doilies at the bottom of wastepaper baskets. If you don't have any doilies, cut a few of your own using children's old sketches and scalloped scissors. A dampened doily lets you know when to wash the container.

Small spending encourages you to find solutions with what you already own. The baby loves to stir this palm's soil, but I didn't want to buy moss at a craft store. These rocks, gathered on a fishing trip, add a touch of color. Pinecones, shells, or sprigs of ivy to root would be just as unique.
What small touches make your home a more gracious place to live?

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